About Us

Now, here, while time fleets by in all obliviousness, let's take a minute to stop and decipher the images that beg to be captured and considered carefully, and let them weave their way through strands of light and create a picture which embraces everything that the moment carries.  Above all, a compulsion to return to the stillness of the frozen pictures and indulge in everything that reminds us of such precious moments.


We are a group of photographers from Bengaluru who strive to etch the echoes of memory in print. Please take a moment to understand our approach to photography and review us. We specialise in wedding shoots, maternity shoots and portfolios.To us, it is about the relentless effort to imprint each moment and coax it into staying forever in the form of photographs.


Ananth Bharadwaj

Aditya Bharighat